Dama Museum

Museo di Arte contemporanea

Who we are

Who we are

A contemporary art museum.

The Daphne Museum project was founded in 2008 by the will of a number of private companies of the DAPHNE group, initially characterized as    storefront of cultural sharing  of the Archaeological heritage of propriety of  its founder and president.

The idea of ​​a shared archaeological museum   made the Daphne Museum a small window on the eastern worlds, the Neolithic cultures, on  the Greek-Roman or Egyptian, cultivating an ambitious project:  passing  the memory of the past to understand our roots and promote a total respect for cultures, fundamental aspect today more than ever in a multipolar and globalized world.

In the first years of life the focus was then on  archaeological finds from private assets from around the world, going to report them regularly in  Superintendence and studying  appropriate systems to ensure the best conditions of conservation, protection and on-line sharing of the collection.

The goal was always been , however, an attention to the past and to the preservation of the memory that was as helpful as possible to the present and for help in view of future prospects. Precisely for this reason Daphne Museum has been enriched, successively, of a section of contemporary art which gathers artists ranging from Renato Barisani, founder of MAC Neapolitan, Gualtiero Native, Depero, Armando De Stefano, the last great artist of the figurative, Tano Festa, Schifano and Angels pop art Roman Kunnelis, Gilardi, Pinelli, Spoerri, Nitsch, etc; …, passing also through emerging or very rare artists to which  Gisela Robert is added.

The crown jewel of the museum in this ambit  is the collaboration with the artist Evan De Vilde, founder of the Archeorealism, perfect synthesis of this cultural path: that of a preserved, protected past and at the same time projected into future scenarios.